ReALL (Research in Affective Language Learning) is a research group at University of Huelva established in 2002. We aim to study affective factors in language learning and teaching from a wide range of theoretical traditions and research domains. Our strongest belief is that what happens inside and between people affects language learning. We are a team of researchers from several universities of Southern Spain and conduct studies about how affective-effective teaching influences language learning.


¿Puedes ayudarnos en esta investigación sobre empatía etnocultural? Necesitamos la participación de alumnado universitario pero también se puede pasar a profesorado de cualquier nivel educativo. No importa cual sea tu área de estudio. Muchas Gracias 🙂


Can you help us in this research on ethnocultural empathy? We need the participation of university students, but it can also be extended to teachers of any educational level. It doesn’t matter what your field of study is. Thank you very much 🙂