Members / Investigadores

Members of ReALL are:


Dr. M. Carmen Fonseca Mora (University of Huelva)

Dr. Jane Arnold Morgan (University of Seville)

Dr. Javier Ávila López (University of Cordoba)

Dr. Sonia Casal Madinabeitia (Univesity of Pablo de Olavide; Seville)

Dr. Eva Díaz Pinto (University of Huelva)

Dr. Concepción Julián De Vega (ReALL)

Dr. Fernando D. Rubio Alcalá (University of Huelva)

Dr. Carmen María Toscano Fuentes (University of Huelva)

Dr. Marina Arcos Checa (Complutense de Madrid University)

Dr. Analí Fernández Corbacho (University of Huelva)

Dña.María Gómez Domínguez  (University of Huelva)

D. José Manuel Foncubierta (Edinumen, University La Rioja )

Dr. Isabelle Toledo (University of Huelva)

Dr. Antonia Domínguez Miguela (Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte)

Dña. Ana Fonseca-Mora (University of Huelva)

Dr. Francisco H. Machancoses (University Jaume I, Castellón)

Dr. Carlos Pineda (University of Seville)

Dr. José María Rodríguez (University Pontificia Comillas, Madrid)

Dña. M. Ángeles Fernandez-Fernández (University of Huelva)


   pequeMª Carmen Fonseca Mora (Investigadora Principal)Dr. M.Carmen Fonseca-Mora is the head of ReALL and professor in the Department of English Philology at the University of Huelva, Spain, where she has been also Vice-Chancellor for Lifelong Learning Programs and Innovation till 2012. Her main research interests are applied linguistics and language teacher training. Her work has appeared in a significant number of academic journals and edited volumes. She is also author of several publications on scientific journals. She has lectured in Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Peru, United States, Austria and Spain. She is currently co-editor of the English Edition of Comunicar journal, a media education research journal.